Land installations with flue gas cleaning

The land-based clientele for Atlas incinerators includes the mining industry, oil and gas companies, and power plants.

To meet a growing demand for solutions where waste disposal is exceptionally challenging and where emissions must adhere to EU, US EPA or similar standards, we integrate a flue gas cleaning system.

Designed specifically for remote locations, the incineration system is straightforward and user-friendly.

A solution with flue gas cleaning

Watch the video where we share insights on our containerized incinerator with flue gas cleaning.

Reducing emissions significantly

In Atlas Incinerators we are dedicated to supporting our customers through the green transition and offering a flue gas cleaning solution is one big step in this direction.

Our operational testing unit demonstrates the effectiveness of this integrated system.

Containerised solutions

A containerised solution works great for land installations, where we are delivering a complete solution to place where needed in a remote location. It makes installation simple and easy. Standard equipment included:

  • ISO standard container Unit(s)
  • Incinerator
  • Sludge oil mixing tank
  • Diesel oil tank
  • Lighting system
  • CO2, argonite or water mist fire fighting equipment
  • Ventilation
  • Flue gas funnel, 1.8 meters high
  • External emergency stop
  • External flange box for all pipe connections

Inside the container, all interconnecting pipelines, electric cables and necessary components are installed at delivery.

Containerised solutions are designed to customers’ requirements.

Skid-mounted solutions

If a plant is to be installed under a roof or the like our skid-mounted solution may be the best choice. This solution will save you installation time and ensure correct connections between the tanks and the incinerator.

Standard equipment included:

  • Incinerator
  • Sludge Oil Mixing Tank
  • Diesel Oil Tank

All interconnecting pipelines, electric cables and necessary components are mounted on on a common base frame.

The skid is made of strong steel profiles. Steel brackets with lifting eyes are welded on the skid for hoisting or moving the incineration plant.

Skid mounted solutions are designed to customers’ requirements.

Our incinerator models

The Atlas series

The original design

The Atlas series consists of the reliable, cost efficient incinerators that our customers know us for. The design is based on our almost 50 years of experience. And with more that 9,000 units supplied over the time, the model has proven itself on the market time and time again.

The X10 Titan series

The latest, upgraded design

The X10 Titan is our latest series of incinerators, named after the Titans in Greek mythology, known for their greatness of achievement. The series build on all the successful features that our Atlas series is well known in the market for, adding a range of upgrades based on the latest technology.

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