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The X10 Titan series

The X10 Titan is our latest series of incinerators, named after the Titans in Greek mythology, known for their greatness of achievement. The series build on all the successful features that our Atlas series is well known in the market for, adding a range of upgrades based on the latest technology.

New advantages for ship owners

Only one burner

One burner fits all = substantial savings on spare parts compared to having multiple burners.

No pre-heating of sludge oil

Savings on spare parts due to having only one tank, no heating connections, no steam or thermal oil valves or regulation equipment.

Saving fuel and energy

Energy savings due to lower consumption of power, fuel and compressed air.

Simplified operation

Extremely easy operation with no extensive settling or preheating processes needed.

New advantages for ship yards

Simplified installation

Easy installation and savings on pipe installation costs as steam or thermal oil connections to the sludge oil mixing tank are no longer needed.

Only one sludge tank

Incinerator and one sludge tank only, required to be installed in the machinery space/incinerator room.

Compact design

More compact incinerator design – less space required and lighter weight.

Simplified incineration process

No need for sludge oil heating

What makes the X10 Titan unique is that sludge oil is pumped directly from the sludge oil tank to the oil burner prior to incineration without having to heat the sludge oil first. In other words, there is no need to use steam, electricity or thermal oil to heat the system.

This allows shipyards to make significant savings on heating the system. There is no longer a need for heating elements or for a control system, nor for several metres worth of piping, a regulator or ball valves, in the case of steam. All of these costs are saved, in addition to which the installation becomes faster and simpler.

It is not only shipyards that enjoy economic advantages from the X10 Titan. Shipowners also can see immediate savings in operation costs as heating is no longer necessary, resulting in a savings on fuel oil for heating the steam or generating electricity. Depending on fuel oil prices, this has the potential for significant savings each year.

The environmental impact of the X10 Titan is equally important. Because the sludge oil is no longer heated, the auxiliary engines and boilers emit less carbon and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Only one oil burner

The oil burner plays an important role in burning sludge oil without preheating. The X10 Titan uses one single burner as supposed to conventional systems with separate burners.

We call this the multi-burner, because the fuel oil and sludge oil are pumped from separate pipes and injected through the same system.

The X10 Titan uses the same method of atomising the sludge oil mixture as in the Atlas series. Here, compressed air is injected into the middle of the multi-burner, pushing the sludge oil through the burner’s nozzle, which thereby atomise the sludge mixture.

The main nozzle in the oil burner has been re-designed, leading to a reduction in compressed air consumption of more than 60%.

Previously, the air intake in the sludge oil burner was either fully open or fully closed and fixed in the diesel oil burners, but in the multi-burner, the air intake is seamlessly regulated to ensure a more optimal flame and burning process. The combustion air is still created by a forced draught fan, which is the primary blower, and leads to the multi-burner and the combustion chamber via the double steel casing.

View the features in 3D

Take a closer look at the design advantages of the X10 Titan in this 3D animation.


The control system on the X10 Titan has been upgraded with the latest HMI technology. The operator panel is easy to use and provides a modern and effective display of essential information such as operation mode, flue gas temperature, combustion temperature, alarms, etc.

New functions have been incorporated for better operation and documentation. These include the prevention of overloading of solid waste by setting a time limit between each bag.

Unique three chamber design reduces emissions

We have invented a three chamber incinerator design that is unique on the market. This design achieves a longer retention time than conventional single chamber designs, and by extending the time that the waste is subjected to 850-950°C lower dioxins (SOx and NOx) emissions are achieved, well below the IMO emission standards.

All chambers are protected by high temperature castable lining designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1600°C.

Burning sludge oil with up to 50% water content

The IMO standard for sludge oil states that there is 20% water in the sludge oil. But often sludge oil contains more water than this.

Many ship owners use an extra tank to settle the water out, but this is both time consuming for the crew and takes up more space in the engine room. Some heat up the sludge oil tank to 100°C to evaporate the water and exhaust it to the atmosphere, but evaporating requires a lot of energy and is also time consuming.

We recommend a simple, automatic one tank system. By not using a settling tank the crew will save time. And burning high water contents makes it possible to burn higher volumes of liquid waste, due to the cooling effect of the water.

Furthermore, there is a positive environmental impact of burning sludge oil with as much water as possible as it reduces NOx in the emissions

Sludge oil mixing tank

By not using a settling tank the crew will save time, not needing to settle water out.

Sludge oil mixing tanks are delivered with a circulation pump and a mill pump for agitation and comminution of the tank contents. This makes it possible to burn oil sludge with up to 50% water content, without adding additional diesel oil to the burners or having to drain the tanks.

The sludge oil mixing tanks are available with heating by steam, electricity or thermal oil and in the following sizes:
500 ltr., 1200 ltr., 2600ltr. and 4000 ltr.

The unheated sludge oil mixing tanks are available in the following sizes:
1000 ltr. and 1800 ltr.

Primary blower

Our incinerators operate without the installation of a flue gas fan in the exhaust pipe (based upon a max counter pressure of 60 mm WG), saving costs of operation and maintenance on what has proven to be the most time consuming trouble point in an incinerator installation, due to imbalance of the impeller caused by soot from the hot exhaust gasses. 

Atlas designed sludge burner

The Sludge burner is of the air atomising type with no moving parts. It is via the sludge circulating pipe is equipped with a “self cleaning strainer” preventing any kind of blocking. This ensures that no maintenance is required and it reduced spare parts compared to rotary cup burners.

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