Sustainability in Atlas Incinerators

Incineration is an eco-friendly solution for disposing of garbage and sludge oil on vessels, offshore, and in remote locations. It reduces the need for transportation to and from disposal sites, effectively eliminating the risk of garbage and oil polluting our oceans.

At Atlas Incinerators, our ambitions are high. We are constantly improving our solutions and strive to have the most environmentally-friendly incinerator on the market. Our latest invention, the X10 Titan, sets new standards for what is possible. It consumes less energy, and the efficient burning reduces emissions to a minimum.

Our sustainability efforts as part of G&O Maritime Group

As part of G&O Maritime Group, we share the group’s ambition of becoming a truly sustainable sub-system provider to the maritime industry.

Our mission is to enable our customers to realise their sustainability goals. Our latest sustainability report outlines our targets and initiatives regarding sustainability, including social aspects, governance and environmental impact.

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