First X10 Titan order in hand

Only a few months after launching, and the market is responding well.

A few months after launching our new X10 Titan range, we are happy to see that the market has responded well by ordering the first units for Chinese shipyards and European shipowners. Order series 4+ 2 110,000 DWT Crude Oil Tankers

With unique design features including no pre-heating of the oil sludge, only one burner, and an efficient 3-chamber burning process, the X10 Titan is by far the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient marine incinerator on the market today.

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  • A milestone for the X10 Titan

    A milestone for the X10 Titan

  • Signed a new agent

    Signed a new agent

  • First X10 Titan order

    First X10 Titan order

  • A game changer: The X10 Titan

    A game changer: The X10 Titan

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