The new X10 Titan incinerator is launched

Our latest incinerator has entered the market and is popular with our customers world wide.

Another milestone for our new incinerator, X10 Titan, is reached as the incinerator is making a lasting impact on the market.

Since its introduction 18 months ago, more than 50 plants have welcomed our incinerator. The reach of our products doesn’t stop there, as the largest international Chinese shipyard has received the X10 Titan, and already ordered the incinerator for containerships, LNG carriers, and tankers. Five of the biggest container shipping companies in Asia and Europe have decided in favour of the X10 Titan, and have ordered more than 35 ship sets.

Such impact is due to the X10 Titan incinerator being designed for most merchant vessel types, container feeders and large LNG carriers.

The new technology found in the X10 Titan means that sludge oil is not heated before burning, and therefore designed without a heating system. The same burner can also be used for injecting pilot oil. Such unique features in combination with the well-known 3-chamber system make the X10 Titan by far the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient marine incinerator on the market today.

  • A milestone for the X10 Titan

    A milestone for the X10 Titan

  • Signed a new agent

    Signed a new agent

  • First X10 Titan order

    First X10 Titan order

  • A game changer: The X10 Titan

    A game changer: The X10 Titan

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